Are you starting your career as a freelancer? If you don’t have the necessary cash, then get ready for a rather complicated paperwork before you get a bank loan. The most important thing is to get a good business plan.

Bank loan for sole traders

Bank loan for sole traders

Komerční banka newly provides loans for beginners without having to prove their payment history. This makes it easy to get credit if you have an interesting and realistic business plan. It is the friendliest bank to businessmen. Clients without history often get a loan. You can apply for an overdraft, money for the acquisition of movable and immovable property or for the operation of the company.

Loans for sole traders can also be obtained from ČSOB. However, two tax returns are required. This loan is therefore more suitable for the trader who is looking for money to invest and expand his business.

Csehay Bank is trying to accommodate even new entrepreneurs. The loan can be obtained up to CZK 5,000,000. The client’s creditworthiness is assessed individually, and you can get advice and service. Above all, the quality and prospects of the business plan submitted by the loan applicant are assessed.

If you apply for a loan at a bank, don’t forget not only about the good business plan but also about the financial forecast for the entire period you need to finance. Only then can you really get the loan. 

Non-bank loan for sole traders

Non-bank loan for sole traders

There are many more ways to borrow money in the non-banking sector. Try peer-to-peer loans directly from people or well-known and trusted companies like Home Credit, Cetelem, Tesco Loan. If you want money really fast, you can try a Profit Loan loan. Loans are also provided to start-up entrepreneurs without history.

Looking only for a few days? Then try an SMS loan. You do not need to prove your income, debtors’ registers are not taken into account and you have money in your bank account within an hour. Try the Japanese Loan, which will give you 10 minutes’ money for a surcharge.

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